Get to Know Justin

My Purpose

To develop high-quality relationships that will lead to conversions
By creating high-quality work that my audience will relate to and want to engage with.

My Aspiration

I aspire to become a product or brand manager of a medium to large company where I can help lead change and feel good about the work I'm doing.

My Values

Want to know how I operate? Values serve as the guiding principle that drive a business.
Check out what I stand for.


The work I produce is to the best of my capability. My work will be complete and will meet or exceed the standards of my consumers.


Just because something has been working in the past doesn't mean it cant get better. Every time I do something I want the product to improve.


I can adapt to changing circumstances, whether it be a new project, a new team member, or just a willingness to be wrong.


When I am working I am going to enjoy it. Being happy at work overall creates a higher quality product/service


Being honest, trustworthy, and ethical. When I say I am going to get something done I do it.


Being consistent and reliable to get things done when they need to get done. 

My Story

I am a flexible and dependable senior at Western Washington University, pursuing a Bachelor's in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in psychology.

As an intern at CRR Global, I was rehired and I currently work as a marketer specializing in email marketing, website editing, and other various marketing and administrative tasks.

Additionally, I am actively involved in the WWU Integrated Marketing Communications class, gaining real-world experience as a content creator designing an webpage for the schools Marketing program. This experience has inspired me to develop myself as a brand to showcase my talents and passion.


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